Get rid of that lotion you’re currently using, with toxic ingredients that’s hard to pronounce and get into our Luxurious Body Butters from The Honey Kiss Collection. They are light weight, non greasy, and handcrafted.  Our body butters were formulated to be light weight so that they can easily penetrate the skin for fast and long lasting moisture. Our body butters will leave your skin soft and glowing without the sun all day. You’ll fall in love with our Mon Cheri’(French for honey) scent. Mon Cheri’ consists of Oatmeal, milk & honey and gives off a soft warm scent. Our scents are formulated to be long lasting but never too loud, just the right amount to have everyone asking where did you get it from!Made with Shea Butter, and other skin essential oils. *Keep in mind*When mailed in warm conditions the butter may melt, upon arrival.  This can easily be fixed by putting the body butter in the refrigerator for 20-30 minutes.

Mon Cheri’ Luxurious Body Butter 8 oz