Do you suffer from eczema, psorasis or extremely dry and irriated skin? Then don't leave this page without putting our Oatmeal & Honey Soap in the cart. Our Oatmeal and Honey soap has anti-inflammatory properties making it soothing and gentle on the skin. The oats help to exfoliate your skin, by getting rid of that dead dry skin making room for new and healthy skin. This soap also has natural antibacterial, antioxidants and humectants (which draw moisture to the skin). All of our soaps contain Shea Butter and other natural, skin essential products that smell good and leave your skin clean and soft. *Main Ingredients Oats Honey **other skin essential oils.

Oatmeal & Honey Soap

  • This soap contains shea butter, oats, honey and other natural skin essential oil that promote healthy skin.

    Can be used on face and body everyday.