Our easy to use 3 step Honey Kiss Acne Removal Kit, is and does what it says.  It removes stubborn acne, dark spots and scars caused by acne.  Gets rid of dead skin cells, making way for healthy, new, rejuvinated and plump looking skin.  This kit includes our Exfoliating Turmeric and Lemon Scrub, 2 Turmeric and Honey Soaps, and our Revenge face and body serum.

3 Step Acne Removal Kit

  • Step 1.  Clean your face with the turmeric and honey soap, (use twice a day) Wash soap off, but leave your face damp for the next step.

    Step 2. Apply the Turmeric Lemon Scrub to your damp skin. Apply the scrub to your entire face and neck area. Apply the scrub gently and in circular motions avoiding your eyes.  Let the scrub sit for 3 minutes then wash off with warm water. Pat your face dry.  For mild acne cases the scrub can be used 3x a week, for severe cases 5x a week.

    Step 3.  Apply our Revenge face serum. (Can be used twice a day) Apply 1-2 drops to your forehead, cheek areas, chin and neck area.